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Production of gaskets from PTFE (PTFE parts) to order

Production of gaskets from PTFE in UkrainePolymer fluoroplast (polytetrafluoroethylene), obtained by chemical synthesis, is a material with unique physical and chemical properties. The most common name is fluoroplast-4 , F-4 or PTFE - and its foreign counterparts: teflon (USA), fluon (England), soreflon (France), agloflon (Italy), gostaflon (Germany), polyflon (Japan).
The chemical resistance of fluoroplastic is simply phenomenal - it is used in pipelines for pumping especially aggressive media, protective coating of reactors, pumps, tanks for storing chemically active liquids, valves, gaskets and seals, which are affected by aggressive chemical compounds, etc. ) are able to withstand high temperatures (up to +250 degrees Celsius) and at the same time their gas emission is much less than that of rubber gaskets - an example of this is the well-known utensils with a Teflon non-stick coating.
Fluoroplastic bushings and parts are characterized by a low coefficient of friction along with high heat resistance, which is widely used in technology (bearings, bushings, rollers, etc.), where stable properties of mechanisms in a wide temperature range are especially important. To improve the antifriction properties, the fluoroplastic filler in the form of the smallest particles is used in thick and liquid lubricants - it covers the rubbing surfaces with a thin layer and due to this, the fluoroplastic itself slides. Fluoroplast has excellent dielectric properties - the breakdown voltage is at least 8000 V / mm - therefore, PTFE insulators can be found in transformers and high-voltage equipment. When choosing fluoroplastic as a material for sealing a joint, many factors must be taken into account. The most important of these are the operating temperature and pressure, the type of medium to be sealed and the design of the connection itself. Other factors that affect sealing performance are also important, such as cycling, mechanical vibrations, mounting accuracy or the technical condition of adjacent surfaces.

Of course, fluoroplastic parts also have certain disadvantages:

  •  The cold flow of fluoroplastic (deformation under load without changing the ambient temperature) requires that the design contain a volume limit for the part, which does not allow it to expand and change its original shape (gaskets are installed in special grooves with a limited volume).
  •  When machining fluoroplastic blanks for the production of high-precision parts, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the material can have shape memory, i.e. manufactured parts may change geometric dimensions over time. To exclude this phenomenon, it is necessary to carry out preliminary normalization and annealing of blanks. Parts made of fluoroplastic, which are produced by pressing followed by heat treatment, due to which the state of the polymer is stabilized, are deprived of this drawback.
  •  chemically PTFE is destroyed only by chlorine trifluoride and elemental fluorine at high temperatures, melts of alkali metals, their solutions in ammonia, which practically does not occur under normal conditions.

 Methods for manufacturing parts from fluoroplast

1. The simplest and most common method of manufacturing gaskets (parts) from PTFE today is the machining of blanks (from rods or sheets) by cutting on various equipment (turning, milling and CNC machines). With this method of production, it is possible to produce small-scale batches of parts, because standard equipment is enough, but the percentage of material waste in chips can be 50-90%. The cost of products in this case will be quite high - this is affected by high labor intensity and high material consumption per unit of product.

2. In mass production, a large percentage of fluoroplast waste as a consumable material is extremely unprofitable, so parts are made from PTFE powder by pressing in special molds followed by heat treatment. It is this most progressive method, which allows to obtain a product with a predetermined shape without the need for further machining, that our company uses in the production of fluoroplastic gaskets.

Our company manufactures the following types of PTFE parts:

  •  PTFE sealing rings for ball valves DN 15-80mm
  •  fluoroplastic washers
  •  insulating inserts (dielectric)
  •  caps (plugs) made of PTFE for aggressive chemical elements
  •  teflon sleeves
  •  thermo- and chemically resistant parts made of PTFE for technological equipment with maximum overall dimensions up to 65mm in diameter and 25mm thick.
  • O-ring production video

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

  • unlike the main manufacturers of fluoroplastic gaskets, which manufacture parts by machining, we have mastered the full cycle of manufacturing molded parts (we do not have waste "in chips" - which is more profitable in mass production)
  • our own production base and the experience of our specialists allows us to develop and manufacture parts from PTFE according to individual drawings or samples
  • in the manufacture of fluoroplastic parts, prototypes of products are first approved (if changes are necessary, they are finalized), and only after that the main batch is put into production.
  • we can arrange the production of products from fluoroplast to order at the best prices with the minimum possible quantity and in the shortest possible time
  • prompt delivery of manufactured products is carried out to any locality in Ukraine, where there are offices of the main transport companies

To clarify the possibility of manufacturing products from fluoroplast, their approximate cost or ask questions of interest, you can e-mail: poisk12345 or call (097) 657-18-78 Vladimir (in case you need a meeting to discuss a possible order - just call and set up a time.

Examples of manufactured PTFE gaskets

For buyers

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