Prepared for the manufacture of parts from brass, gum and fluoroplast

Undertaking STA has a technological base and qualifications of personnel for manufacturing industrial batches of parts made of brass, gum and fluoroplastic (PTFE) by the bulk molding method. These methods of variation are similar to their technology, but the shards of the molding matrix (presform) are stuck. An important pass of nashi piddrimity is that fact, СО 2012 is organized by the organized іstrumental diruvyanka with the equipment for the Garyacho stamp Latunі, the yak is forgotten by the power of the power vibration of the analogy for vicandan, the fire to vicuno, the fire to viconun, the frozen. Our tradesmen have accumulated a great deal of experience in the preparation of brass parts for manufacturing by hot stamping with further processing on CNC processing machines. The next step in the development of our enterprise was the organization in 2014 of a company for the production of chemical products (GTV), as it may be possible to prepare for the production of industrial batches of various molding parts from gum. Today, our production of humic compounds is equipped with modern possessions and qualifications of facsimiles, which may be the basis for the preparation of humotechnical compounds (GTV) of various levels of folding and recognition, as well as a wet base with the preparation of necessary molds. All the same, it allows you to promptly respond to the needs of customers and consistently improve the quality of the humic compounds of high quality, and also guarantees the preparation of GTV for application in the shortest terms. Beginning in 2015, when folding the sump valves of TOV "STA" the seals of wet molding made of fluoroplast (PTFE) were installed. Parts are vibrated with PTFE powder by pressing in special molds with a further heat treatment. The most advanced method of manufacturing, which allows you to take the shape later on with a given shape (without the need for further mechanical processing) and promotes our company for the manufacture of fluoroplastic gaskets for casting. The main mindfulness of the manufacturing of parts for fluoroplastic is the need to prepare a mold (matrix) and the number of molds for the manufacturing of 30,000 pieces. Specify the possibility of preparing brass, rubber or fluoroplast for casting, specify their varity or set the power, what to grind You can e-mail: or by phone (097)657-18-78 Volodymyr if you need a phone call to discuss a possible appointment - it’s enough to call and wait for that hour).

Manufacturing of parts made of brass, humite and fluoroplast in Kharkiv, Ukraine